What is No Glitches Allowed?

No Glitches Allowed(NoGA) is a speedrunning community that holds multiple events per year in support of charity organizations close to our hearts. We focus primarily on speedruns that feature few or no major glitches. However, we also host events with other themes as well. Founded in 2018 by SloaTheDemon, we have worked since then to build a community based on inclusivity, respect, and going fast.

Who is No Glitches Allowed?

For the sake of keeping things organized, we have structured our organization into various departments of talented folks. Everyone works on a volunteer basis, donating their time and talents to help things move smoothly.


  • Our organizers are the ones that really get the ball rolling. They plan the overarching needs of our events, and also help out where needed amongst all the other departments. Our organizers are:
  • Ozmourn
  • TheRealGRBow

Hosting Department

  • Our Hosting department handles just about everything you can think of regarding our fabulous hosts during the events. From selecting the hosts to scheduling them and providing the documentation they need, our Host Lead and Assistant(s) bring the hype before the events even start.
  • Host Lead: MetroidCrime
  • Host Assistant: MASH

Socials Department

  • The posters of memes, the source of our event news, and all around just fun people. Our Socials Department works between, before, and during events to keep everyone in the know and laughing all the way. So if you’ve ever laughed (or groaned) at a social media post from us, you know who’s responsible.
  • Socials Lead: SteveTVOnline
  • Socials Assistant: echo_tree
  • Socials Assistant: Stasious

Tech Department

  • The true wizards behind the curtain. Invaluable members of the team, our Tech Department makes sure that everything is set up before we go live, and keep it running smoothly to provide an excellent viewing experience. Always make sure to thank the Tech Crew.
  • Tech Lead: Genesis
  • Tech Lead: R30Hedron
  • Tech Assistant: Limy_SR
  • Tech Assistant: Jaio

Community Safety Department

  • Our Community Safety Department works to make sure our events and community remain a safe and inclusive place for all those that wish to be a part of it. They handle everything from runner/volunteer vetting to Discord/Twitch Chat Moderation.
  • Community Safety Lead: Kasaki
  • Community Safety Assistant: FawkesRocks
  • Community Safety Assistant: Lazlo
  • Community Safety Assistant: Selcouthmind

Website Development Team

  • The main person to thank for this very website you’re looking at right now. Our Website Design Team works hard to help maintain our website and make sure it looks nice, as it does.
  • Lead Developer & Website Design: DerpPrincess
  • Website Layout Assistant: MetroidCrime
  • Fledgling Website Coder: TheRealGRBow

When is No Glitches Allowed?

As an organization we run multiple Main events throughout the year. These are charity events meant to raise money via donations for our amazing charity partners. We also have been known to host Guest events on our channel in order to help boost them via our existing platform. The Main events we typically host each year are:

No Glitches Allowed

  • Our namesake event typically happens sometime in the Spring. It is when we adhere to our name the most, putting our main focus on speedruns that feature little or very few glitches. This event is in support of GO Rescue Pet Adoption Center.

No Holidays Allowed

  • No Holidays Allowed typically happens in late Autumn, almost Winter. We tend to be a bit more lax on the rules limiting glitches within runs as a bit of a cooling off at the end of the year. This event is in support of GO Rescue Pet Adoption Center.


  • Our Sister event, Completithon typically occurs in the Summer. This event focuses on completionist/100% runs, and does allow glitches so long as the run fits the completionist theme. Completithon has some variances in staffing, but there’s lots of familiar faces. This event is in support of Somos Familia Valle.

How is No Glitches Allowed?

We're doing our best. Thanks for asking.